Blog planning like a pro!

As I am new to blogging and also have a business to run, I thought it would be a good idea to take some advice from the experts and get myself organised.

But first I thought you might like to see a list of the bloggers posts that I found helpful:

  1. Advice from Ashley at Sweetpea lifestyle
  2. Advice from Melyssa atthe Nectar Collective
  3. Advice from A Beautiful Mess
  4. Advice and a free printable from Melissa at A Virtuous Women
  5. Advice from Valérie and Anne-Sophie at Moonlit Stories
  6. Designer Blogs is a blog design studio they have made a free printable blog planner for you to download or

Planning must haves

  • desirable calendar
  • coloured sticky notes or post-its
  • coloured pens

Top tips from the experts:

  • Constant Brain Storming: spend time each day making a list of what you think would be a good blog post and what would not.
  • put the list onto colour coordinated sticky notes
  • have the post photographed, written and scheduled a couple days in advance
  • its easy to loose track of time on Pinterest so set a time limit
  • get an editorial calendar plug in
  • carry a notebook everywhere or use Evernote
  • have general themes for your blog and stick to them
  • keep in mind when your site is the busiest
  • talk to people about your ideas
  • Adjust When Life Happens. No matter how good at planning you get, sometimes things have to get shuffled around.

What are your favorite ways to plan ahead for your blog??Blog like a pro!

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